The Tesseract

The Tesseract is an unfolded Hypercube
As the Cross is an unfolded Cube

The Cross liberates the cube
from its boundaries
so that it may lie flat in our universe
as a 2-dimensional image of a cube

The Tesseract liberates the hypercube
from its boundaries
allowing it to exist within our universe
as a 3 dimensional image of a hypercube

This thing, this Tesseract
It tickles the mind and energizes the spirit
with the shear mystery of its existance
This makes me want more from it
like, does it really exist?
And, if it doesn't what is this thing here?
And, why does it taunt me so?
with questions upon questions about,
form, dimension, space, time, life, spirit
So what is this Tesseract?
It is some kind of shaddow
but not a shaddow of light
Rather, it's a shaddow of being,
a thing that can be represented but not seen
felt but not touched
present yet not present
thus, more like spirit than form.
Currently on display at the Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah, through December 2005.
4-D Torus Sculpture

This is a layered-glass sculpture of a 4-D Linear Torus, containing 97 hexagonal layers of 1/4" glass glued together with a 3/16" stainless steel supporting rod through the coordinate origin. It is mounted on a 1" chrome plated hexagonal steel base with the four generating equations engraved (shown below) on the long base sides.

Dimensions are approximately: 24" high and 12" wide

This sculpture can be made from a variety of materials (such as glass, steel or other metals) with individual layers of any available thicknesses. Large sculptures with 1" or thicker layers and proportionally sized (e.g. 1" stainless steel, would be 97" high and 48" wide) would be massive objects and could weigh thousands of pounds. Contact us for commissions.

4-D Torus Generating Equations

Click on image to view a Quicktime movie of the rotating sculpture.